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The ocean is one of Earth’s most valuable natural resources. It feeds our families. It regulates our climate. It is the source of millions of jobs, innovative medicines and a treasure trove of biodiversity.


Every second breath we take comes from the ocean. 


These wonderful waters give us life. We give them plastic. The solution to eliminating further damage to our oceans and marine life caused by throwaway plastic waste is action.

One Ocean Swim: Durban to Cape Town is a monumental eco-conservation initiative that will see legendary non-stop endurance swimmer and Guinness World Record Holder, Sarah Ferguson, swim most of the South African coastline, starting in Durban and finishing in Cape Town.


This will make her the first person ever to swim from Durban to Cape Town, a most ambitious yet exciting world record attempt.

With millions of eyes paying attention to the One Ocean Swim: Durban to Cape Town, Sarah Ferguson, in collaboration with Breathe Conservation and One Ocean Organisation will shine a brighter light on the state of our oceans effected by the plastic problem, while calling on every man, woman and child to protect them.

The One Ocean Swim: Durban to Cape Town will take place over twelve months from the beginning of February to the end of March 2023.


This will be Sarah Ferguson’s attempt at earning another world record, the first being her 2019 world-record swim around Easter Island, which has a 63.5-kilometre circumference and was completed within 19 hours and 8 minutes.

Between rest days and swim days, Sarah will engage in a multitude of community outreach programmes, educating the public on plastic pollution and the many ways in which it impacts their lives directly, as well as the world at large.


She will further share the importance of recycling and how to reuse plastic wisely; such as via eco-bricks, which are sustainable materials for building homes and furniture.

Discover more about Breathe Conservation at

Discover more about Sarah Ferguson and the One Ocean Swim at

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Oceans Alive Conservation Trust is a registered non-profit, global conservation and public benefit organization dedicated to saving and protecting our oceans and our coastal environments through providing strategic guidance and managed project funding to encourage and support scientific research, ocean wildlife conservation, protection, ocean recovery, ocean and coastal environment clean-up programmes, community awareness programmes, social upliftment programmes and ocean education programmes to help change attitudes and ensure informed decision and policy making processes which lead to effective ocean action programs and positive conservation and wildlife protection outcomes

Our vision is for healthy, pollution free and protected oceans and ocean wildlife and coastal environments which contribute to a sustainable and healthy planet in an equitable and rapidly changing world where community awareness, social upliftment and education is essential to enable people to understand, respect, value and participate in the wonder and diversity of nature and our oceans and all life on earth.

Oceans Alive Conservation Trust is participating in a strategic partnership with One Ocean Swim and Sarah Ferguson to highlight the South African Marine Protected Area's, (MPA's), which she will follow, all along the swimming route.


We will engage with all our partners and our collaboration partners involved in research through shark and fish tagging, for migration monitoring purposes.


We will also manage active participation in our marine wildlife and turtle rescue, rehabilitation and release partnerships to assist in terms of community education and awareness towards Ocean and Coastal Environment and Ocean Wildlife Protection and Conservation.

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