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Community awareness, the teaching of responsible behaviours and ocean conservation education is a crucial step towards inspiring and empowering people of all ages, especially those from a very young age, to know and understand and respect and help protect our oceans and coastal environments and all ocean wildlife from the threat of extinction.

It is also fundamental to the achievement of the goals of sustainable conservation and development that will change human behaviours in the direction of responsible environmental and ocean protection.


Our Oceans Alive community focussed projects entail the deployment of informal outreach educators to promote water safety and ocean conservation awareness and responsible human behaviour. 


Oceans Alive has developed innovative and entertaining water safety and ocean conservation education lesson plans for formal and informal youth education.


This includes classroom based and outdoor field trips and ocean related environmental activities.


The materials address specific local and regional water safety, environmental impact and ocean conservation issues.

This will enable students and their teachers to understand and identify and elaborate on possible actions to help prevent an ocean environmental crisis.

All Oceans Alive community education and awareness project’s have the ultimate goal to create responsible communities of knowledgeable and empowered peoples who can respect our oceans and our coastal environments and work towards protection, rehabilitation and sustainable ocean conservation.


Long-term sustainable changes can best be achieved through accelerating a change in people’s attitudes towards our oceans and our coastal environments. 

Conservation education is an essential part of Oceans Alive outreach and field conservation projects.


Increasing awareness of the benefits and values of coastal environment and ocean wildlife conservation. 

Oceans Alive works with schools, teachers, educators and young people to instil environmental awareness through innovative, practical, community-based programmes and learning experiences.


Our youth environmental education programs directly impact children through practical lessons, field trips and a range of outdoor learning and adventure activities.


Oceans Alive Conservation Trust community-based education, training and development programs promote learning and social development work with individuals and groups in their communities using a range of formal and informal methodologies. 


A common defining feature of Oceans Alive methodology is that programmes and activities are developed and adapted where necessary in open dialogue with communities and participants in consideration of the Oceans Alive conservation education goals and objectives.


The purpose of the Oceans Alive community based learning programme is to develop the responsibility capacity of individuals and groups of all ages through their behaviour and their actions.


We increase the awareness capacity of communities to improve their quality of life, achieve social upliftment and develop their ability to understand and respect our oceans and our coastal environments and the crucial impact which they each have on the future health of our oceans through their every day irresponsible or responsible behaviour.

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