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Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

We want to ensure sustainability because we need more fish in healthier oceans and we need to improve the way wild fisheries and fish farms are managed.

To this end, we need to encourage individuals and industries who are policy compliant and conservation conscious by supporting them and influencing consumers and seafood businesses to be more responsible in their seafood buying choices.

Cleaner oceans

We are working to ensure our oceans are cleaner by research methodologies which regularly monitor the water quality and ocean temperatures on a global scale to understand the health of our oceans so that we can identify key areas and sources of pollution and develop innovative strategies and solutions towards prevention and the cleaning up and maintenance of these locations.

Ocean recovery

We are working to ensure that our oceans are better protected, improve marine wildlife management, secure more properly managed marine protected areas, recover and clean-up affected areas, nurture and protect marine species and habitats and constantly monitor global ocean recovery and ocean health.

Community awareness and education

We need to work harder to ensure community awareness and education towards social upliftment and an understanding of our oceans and our coastal environments and our wildlife in order to achieve their respect and their commitment and their co-operation which is absolutely necessary for the eventual sustainable success of our research and ocean conservation and protection efforts.

Operational income, impact and profile

We are striving to be the global choice for funders and supporters with a credible integrity profile and a large, sustainable and diverse income base.

We are a credible and professional organisation which can make a global contribution to community awareness, education, social upliftment, scientific research and ocean conservation.

We are working to deliver exceptional research science and innovative conservation strategies and methodologies in support of our global Oceans Alive outreach programmes and our community awareness and education and social upliftment campaigns.

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