The ocean is many things to many people…

Its a place of work, a home, a place of fun and adventure, a tranquil escape. 

Beneath the surface of the sand and the water, the ocean teems with vibrant activity and amazing life. 

Our oceans and our coastal environments are home to some of the most colourful, fascinating and beautiful wildlife in the world.

It is easy to ignore the fact that the vast majority of people have never even seen or experienced the ocean and without community awareness and sustained education programs, how would they ever understand or feel the need to care about their daily habits and the impact on the oceans and coastal environments.


We believe that we cannot achieve any measure of sustainable success without ensuring that everyone knows and is aware and understands and is willing to respect and take responsibility for human behavior and our oceans and our coastal environments.

The oceans sustains us…


We only have only one planet and our oceans cover over 70% of the planets surface. 


The oceans are so vast and sometimes so far removed that we underestimate our individual ability to have an impact on them. 

Unfortunately and consciously or unconsciously, humans are having a serious impact, a very adverse impact and unless we do whatever we can with extreme urgency and passion to protect and make our oceans more resilient, its ability to survive and sustain us will be compromised.

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