Ever wondered where the fish you eat comes from or if you are making informed and correct buying choices? 


Oceans Alive recommend the SASSI - Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative "Good Fish Guide" with special reference to the "Red List" to make an informed and sustainable purchasing choice.

You can view the current WWF SASSI 'Good Fish Guide' and local South Aftican businesses who are committed to this initiative by following the website links below...


The future of fish as a food source is no longer guaranteed as many fish stocks are in a state of serious decline, with overfishing and illegal ocean practices being a great threat to marine wildlife and habitat.

With 90% of the world fish stocks already fully or over-exploited from fishing, plus additional pressure from climate change and pollution, we are moving into extremely dangerous waters when it comes to sustainable fish for the future.

You can help reduce the strain on certain species by demanding that the fish you eat comes from sustainably managed stocks and is caught or farmed in a way that causes minimal damage to the marine environment and other wildlife. 

Doing the right thing is easier than you think so please check out the SASSI Good Fish Guide and help our conservation cause.

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