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Council Members

Oceans Alive Conservation Trust is governed by its members through a distinguished Council of leading scientists and business leaders. 

The Council includes a number of members who are elected to the Executive Council at the Annual General Meeting and who serve for a period of three years.

The Chairman is supported by a Vice Chairman and a Treasurer who are elected annually from amongst the Council members.


The Council also appoints a Secretary, who is neither a member of Council or a member of the Executive Committee.


Reporting to the council is the operational Executive Committee which includes the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Operations Officers, the Financial Director and General Management and Administration Staff.

Operations Committees

The daily activities of Oceans Alive Conservation Trust are supported by several Committees who report directly to the Executive and the Council.

This includes…

  • The Executive Management Committee

  • The Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee

  • The Conservation Programmes Management Committee

  • The Fundraising and Donations Management Committee

  • The Project Assessment and Funding Management Committee

  • The Project Performance and Evaluation Management Committee

  • The Marketing, Social Media, News and Publications Management Committee

  • The Community Awareness and Educational Programme Management Committee

  • The Oceans Alive Membership Management Commitee

  • The Special Events Management Committee

  • The ‘Call to Action’ Management Committee

  • The Online Shop Management Committee

Annual General Meeting

The Oceans Alive Conservation Trust Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each year for the purposes of Approving the Annual Report and Accounts, the appointment of independent auditors and changes to the Executive Council and the Governing Body.

Oceans Alive Conservation Trust Executive Council Members registered under NPO Company Law, are entitled to attend the AGM and vote. 

Annual Reports


Every year we engage with millions of people globally through our support, our campaigns and our projects.


By embracing the connection between people, their livelihoods and life in the ocean and our coastal environments we can help communities to be aware and respect and value having a healthy ocean, whether they live and work near the coast or in the ocean or live inland, or are only occasional visitors.


Our approach is underpinned by a strong theme of evidence-based policy work, campaigning and advocating solutions backed by science.

Our Annual Impact Report and Accounts describe our key activities each year, what we’ve achieved and what plans there are for the future.


Our strategic partners and our collaboration partners are the key to our success, as are all our dedicated staff, ambassadors, members, supporters, volunteers and alternate funders. 


Our Annual Impact Reports and Financial Accounts are published annually and are available on request. 

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