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Adopt a River Eco Solutions is a registered non-profit organisation working in the river and estuarine environmental space.

Based mainly in Kwa-Zulu Natal, with collaboration and partnership connections with like-minded organisations, groups and individuals in other provinces and areas around South Africa.


The focus is on community-based solutions in respect of the myriad of river and water based service delivery and health related issues which South Africa is having to deal with on an ongoing basis.


Each river and each community, is different and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is not going to work so the emphasis is on direct community interaction at a grass roots level, to gain insight before determining the best course of action to be taken in a specific area.

The aim is to partner with individuals, corporates, organisations and agencies who share the desire to work and want to collaborate and create lasting and sustainable differences to the environments in the scope of the Adopt a River operations.

Adopt a River Eco Solutions operates one such strategic river based project situated in the majestic Msunduzi River Valley where there is a community driven need for change.

A river team operates in the Mkhambathini Municipality area, dealing mainly with disposable nappy dump sites and illegal dumping where the team removes the plastic and other solid waste which makes its way down river after each rain.

Community engagements and education is having a significant impact, as teams connect with local schools and creches in the areas and facilitate ‘door-to-door’ awareness campaigns.

Working hand in hand with local leaders, municipalities, volunteer groups and the communities is bringing about meaningful change.

Adopt a River Eco Solutions manages specially trained strategic project teams of river and beach rangers situated at the uMngeni River Mouth in Durban, at other Strategic River and Estuarine Locations, alongside rivers in Industrial Areas, at Blue Lagoon, at the Beachwood Mangroves and at the Beachwood Country Club Beach, to mention but a few, which deal with ‘end of the line’ waste plastic pollution and solid waste that comes down the river catchments and lands up in the Coastal Environments and on the Beaches, all along the Southern African Coastline.

Oceans Alive Conservation Trust sponsors a number of these teams through our special partnerships with Adopt a River and various other organisations, by providing and facilitating funding, training programmes, job creation, and employment opportunities towards community and social upliftment, which is a critical component along the road to achieving awareness, appreciation, respect, protection and our ultimate goal which is rivers and ocean and coastal environment conservation.


Changing Lives and making a difference is what we do and our dedicated teams have a never ending task of cleaning up and sorting waste for recycling and removal purposes, mainly dealing with plastic waste which is separated into recyclables and diverted from landfill wherever possible.

Oceans Alive Conservation Trust and Adopt a River Eco Solutions have a number of collaborations with various groups such as the Umgeni Estuary Conservancy, Beachwood Mangroves, Ezemvelo, SanParks and WESSA who assist wherever possible to overcome challenges and ensure the sustainability of continued involvement.

Oceans Alive Conservation Trust and Adopt a River Eco Solutions 'beach and river clean-up days' are a monthly highlight for many environmentally responsible communities, volunteers and social groups who want to make a difference.

The Oceans Alive Conservation Trust partnership with Adopt a River Eco Solutions and other such organisations allows for the 'connecting' of the estuaries, the beaches, the coastal environments and the ocean, to the inland rivers and the issues related to river pollution which is flowing into the ocean.

The Oceans Alive Conservation Trust committed partnerships facilitate our "Stronger Together" approach to nature and wildlife conservation through the provision of additional project funding and operational support to Adopt a River Eco Solutions and various other such organisations and groups to enable additional strategic projects, more comprehensive operational capacity and sustainable future expansion and growth.

We are proud to be associated with Janet Simpkins and her special organisation and her amazing teams on the ground.





Oceans Alive Conservation Trust is a registered non-profit, global conservation and public benefit organization dedicated to saving and protecting our oceans and our coastal environments through providing strategic guidance and managed project funding to encourage and support scientific research, ocean wildlife conservation, protection, ocean recovery, ocean and coastal environment clean-up programmes, community awareness programmes, social upliftment programmes and ocean education programmes to help change attitudes and ensure informed decision and policy making processes which lead to effective ocean action programs and positive conservation and wildlife protection outcomes

Our vision is for healthy, pollution free and protected oceans and ocean wildlife and coastal environments which contribute to a sustainable and healthy planet in an equitable and rapidly changing world where community awareness, social upliftment and education is essential to enable people to understand, respect, value and participate in the wonder and diversity of nature and our oceans and all life on earth.

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