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Scientific research, collaboration, protection, rehabilitation, conservation, community awareness education, social upliftment and a call to action is at the heart of everything we do to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for our oceans and our coastal environments for all future generations.

Our global operations focus on…

  • Ocean and coastal environmental science and research

  • Sponsored scientific research and ocean restoration projects

  • Collaboration on global ocean protection and conservation policies

  • Ocean and coastal environment wildlife protection, rescue and rehabilitation

  • Maritime education and training programs towards awareness and social upliftment

  • Community and business participation in ocean and coastal environment clean-up programs

  • Ocean lovers, surfers, divers and fishermen, beach, reef & wreck and habitat clean-up programs

  • Community collaboration and ocean and coastal environment awareness and social upliftment programs

  • Partner collaborations with local and international ocean and coastal environmental research and wildlife protection and conservation organisations, universities, schools, foundations, fellowships, associations, governments, municipalities, businesses, urban precinct management organisations, volunteers, ocean lovers, divers, surfers, fishermen, canoeists, clubs and all responsible communities.

A global call to action as the custodians of the amazing world we are so privileged to live in is urgently necessary because ultimately everyone, in some form or another, relies on the oceans and our coastal environments to survive, from the quality of the air we breathe to the precious water we drink to the sustainable seafood we eat and the beaches we so love to enjoy.

By resourcing global funding and encouraging community awareness and education projects and generating social responsibility and social upliftment, we get people to understand, appreciate and respect being connected to our oceans and our coastal environments and we can all contribute towards ensuring that our oceans remain clean and pollution free and protected for all future generations.

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