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Oceans Alive Conservation Trust sponsors and promotes education, unrivalled professional training and strategic work experience opportunities, focussed on job creation, employment, self-sustainability and social upliftment.


The Oceans Alive Maritime Training Academy has sponsored and trained over 56 selected individuals to date, who were given the huge privilege and life changing opportunity to become Class IV and Class III Commercial Divers, certified to local (DOL) Department of Labour and IMCA International qualification standards.


After graduation, our Oceans Alive Commercial Divers are provided unique opportunities to gain valuable work experience, and to accumulate critical dive hours, through participation in special research projects, or through various other work experience related projects, such as with SAAMBR at the uShaka Marine World Aquarium in Durban, South Africa.


On the job work experience is critically important for a Commercial Diver's CV and resume' where a well-rounded portfolio is necessary to impress potential employers and qualify for future employment opportunities.


Oceans Alive Commercial Divers doing their work experience at SAAMBR operate on a full-time basis assisting the aquarium staff by participating and performing a number of important and specialised tasks, such as cleaning aquarium tanks, carrying out inspections, doing maintenance, working with marine wildlife, and generally doing whatever is asked of them within their skillset.

SAAMBR also assess and evaluates a divers performance and their operational contributions on a continuous basis for possible qualification for employment opportunities within SAAMBR.

SAAMBR, The South African Association for Marine Biological Research is a Non-Profit Organisation founded in 1951 and comprises 3 divisions: ORI (The Oceanographic Research Institute), uShaka Marine World (Aquarium),  and uShaka Marine World Education.


SAAMBR's mission is to contribute to the conservation of marine and coastal resources, and it is the Oceans Alive Conservation Trust mission to collaborate and assist and contribute wherever possible.

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Oceans Alive Conservation Trust sponsors each graduate Commercial Diver with all the necessary specialised PPE and equipment for them to be able to perform their work.

Our Commercial Divers receive tailored wetsuits from Coral Wetsuits, including all other necessary equipment and accessories such as booties, masks, fins and snorkels.

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